A Split System will air condition one room or an area of your home. Elegant wall mounted, compact floor console and wall/ceiling mounted indoor units are all available for various room sizes and situations.

Fujitsu, Daikin, LG, Hitachi & Mitsubishi all have new ranges of Inverter Sleek or Flat Panel Split Systems. This unique design gives you a stylish unit that is also designed to operate at optimum levels. They are all renowned for their quiet indoor and outdoor units due to the advanced technology in the compressor, fan and motors. They all come with 5 year domestic warranties, your guarantee of quality manufacture and technology.

Split systems are available in Reverse Cycle (providing cooling in summer and heating in winter) and Cool only models. They have easy-to-operate remote control and programmed settings as well as a host of innovative features.

Wall Splits are available using either R410A or R22 Refrigerant. R22 refrigerant is a long running industry standard refrigerant whereas R410A is the latest advancement in refrigerants.

As a guide, 2-5kW models are for small to medium sized rooms or areas of a home and 5-8kW models are for medium to large living areas. If you need help in selecting the right sized system for your environment you can use call our consultants for a free quotation.